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Introducing: Stoic Love

How can you love others wisely?
How can you love yourself, even if you’re not perfect?
Join us for a month-long course on Stoic Love
to answer these questions and more.

Stoic philosophy has a reputation for being unemotional or stand-offish, but in reality Stoicism is full of love. In this course, we'll explore the foundations of social affection and care for the self and others. By the end of the course you will

  • Understand Stoicism as a philosophy of care and love

  • Take concrete steps toward loving yourself and others

  • Know how to deal with difficult people in a loving way

  • Have resources and inspiration to continue your path toward a life of love

Your instructor is Stoicare co-founder Brittany Polat, author of Journal Like a Stoic and a member of the Modern Stoicism and Stoic Fellowship teams. Throughout the course, you'll watch videos, receive daily inspirational quotes, and be able to email Brittany with any questions.

What You'll Learn

Foundations of Stoic love

Fulfilling your potential for wise love

How to be kind, compassionate, and strong

Dealing with difficult people and challenging situations

Course Features

Weekly video lesson

Prompts for reflection

Suggested readings

Daily quote

Progress checks

Community forum

Email support from instructor

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