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About Stoicare

Stoicare was established by Eve Riches and Brittany Polat as a resource for everyone interested in Stoicism and care. Brittany and Eve believe Stoicism is an excellent tool for helping teachers, parents, medical professionals, psychotherapists, and many others in their role as caregivers. We hope you find it useful, too!

About Brittany Polat

Brittany is author of the book Tranquility Parenting: A Guide to Staying Calm, Mindful, and Engaged. She holds a Ph.D. in applied linguistics but currently writes about Stoic psychology and philosophy at Living in Agreement. She is co-organizer of the annual Stoicon-x Women conference and a member of the Modern Stoicism team.

About Eve Riches

Eve is a mentor and teacher working across disability employment support, Stoicism and Psychology teaching, mentoring looked after children and promoting disability equality. She is particularly focused on improving emotional resilience and applying Stoicism to everyday life. Eve runs a monthly Stoicism online learning group and research project with the nonprofit Modern Stoicism organisation, where she is a steering committee member. She is also an advisor to the Aurelius Foundation.