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Substance Abuse Counselors

Toolkit for Substance Abuse Clinicians

This toolkit will help you stay strong and effective as a counselor. Using Stoic wisdom, you will learn how to maintain a Stoic perspective and apply the 4 Cs of Stoicism to your life-changing work.


Your guide is Scott Corey, a seasoned Clinician with over a decade of experience. Beginning his professional career in a secure psychiatric facility treating people ages 4-80 for a vast array of mental health disorders and  symptomatic behaviors; he has always had a passion advocating for those who couldn’t speak for themselves. or the past 4 years Scott has been committed to a role in guiding around 200 people professionally on their daily journey through methadone treatment for opiate use disorder. Scott is a fierce advocate in the fight against mental health/addiction stigma, especially when it comes to treatment.

Learn more about Scott and his work at The Stoic Archer Academy

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