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Welcome to Stoicare

Stoicare is a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) charity that promotes Stoicism as a philosophy of care and wellbeing. We offer resources, events, and a gathering space for all Stoics who care about other people and our planet.

Community Garden
The 4 Cs of Stoicare


You care about the people around you. How do you manage your emotions and make good decisions while caring for others? Use the 4 Cs of Stoicare:

character + cosmos + control = choice.

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Join our community with free online events about Stoicism, psychology, mental health, wellbeing, and more!

Best Friends
Preparing Jams
Tips for staying calm, avoiding burnout, and maintaining peace of mind. Check out our resources for
  • parents

  • teachers

  • healthcare professionals

  • prison staff

  • substance abuse counselors

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