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About Stoicare

Our Mission

At Stoicare, we strive to share Stoicism as a holistic system of wisdom, wellbeing, community, and care. Contrary to some common misconceptions, Stoicism has always been a philosophy of care: care for the truth, care for other people, care for the self, and care for the world we live in. This ideal of active engagement in the world informs our approach to life. As Stoics, we proactively work toward flourishing for ourselves and others.


Our Objectives 

  • Sharing Stoicism with individuals and groups in caregiving roles and professions

  • Supporting caregivers’ mental health and wellbeing through Stoicism

  • Collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations to promote wisdom, wellbeing, community, and care

  • Incorporating care for the planet, including plants and animals, into everyday Stoic practice

  • Promoting Stoicism as a system of flourishing through philosophical and psychological research

  • Connecting Stoics from all walks of life who are interested Stoic care

Our Services

  • Offering written materials to the public through our website

  • Providing workshops, courses, conferences, and informal gatherings

  • Creating customized materials, talks, and courses for organizations upon request


Our Focus Areas

  • Caring roles, including parents and those providing family care to dependent adults

  • Caring professions, including teachers, healthcare professionals, mental health professionals, social workers, prison staff

  • Community engagement, including volunteers and mentors

  • Underserved individuals and communities, including neurodiverse, socioeconomically disadvantaged, prisoners, substance abuse


For more information about Stoicism and care, or to request more information about our services, please reach out to us using the contact form below. We're always glad to hear from you!

Stoicare Board of Directors

Brittany Polat, Co-Founder and President

Brittany is a writer and presenter on Stoicism as a way of life. She is a board member for Modern Stoicism and The Stoic Fellowship, and author of the book Tranquility Parenting: A Guide to Staying Calm, Mindful, and Engaged. Brittany also hosts conferences, such as Stoicon Women: Paths to Flourishing and Stoics Care. She holds a Ph.D. in applied linguistics but currently writes about Stoic psychology and philosophy at her website Living in Agreement

Eve Riches, Co-Founder and Vice President

Eve is a mentor and teacher working across disability employment support, Stoicism and Psychology teaching, mentoring looked after children and promoting disability equality. She is particularly focused on improving emotional resilience and applying Stoicism to everyday life. Eve runs a monthly Stoicism online learning group and research project with the nonprofit Modern Stoicism organisation, where she is a steering committee member. She is also an advisor to the Aurelius Foundation.

Paul Wilson, Board Member

Paul is a former head of community mental health services and strategic lead for the prevention of mental health issues and the promotion of wellbeing in disadvantaged communities. One of his mental health services won a national award while others were recognised in the UK parliament. Paul now works as the head of staff wellbeing at a UK university, where he promotes preventative practice, psychological safety, self-care and a culture of wellbeing. Stoicism is his preferred form of self-care.  

Brittany Polat
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