Upcoming Events

  • Stoic Compassion and Mindfulness
    Sat, Nov 12
    Zoom - Location provided prior to event
    Nov 12, 1:00 PM EST
    Zoom - Location provided prior to event
    Join us to deepen your understanding of the connections between compassion, mindfulness, and Stoicism. Led by expert practitioners Meredith Kunz and Tim Iverson, this workshop will provide practical advice for applying these timeless techniques in your life.
  • Animal Care and Stoicism
    Sat, Jan 28
    Online Event
    Jan 28, 2023, 10:00 AM EST
    Online Event
    How do Stoics care for animals? This roundtable discussion, anchored by Dr. Gregory B. Sadler, Andi Sciacca, and Kathryn Koromilas, will offer a Stoic perspective on the special bond between humans and pets.

Past Events

Stoics Care Conference (April 2022)

The Stoics Care conference was a collaboration between Stoicare, Modern Stoicism, and The Stoic Fellowship, in affiliation with The Aurelius Foundation and Stoics in Action. The event included Stoics from all over the world--scholars, teachers, community volunteers, and people from all walks of life–who are committed to helping others. We learned about the theoretical basis for social and environmental care in Stoicism. We heard practical advice to improve our lives and communities. We experienced a keynote address from Donald Robertson, talks on compassion, sustainability, self care, and more. 

The entire Stoics Care conference is available for viewing on the Modern Stoicism YouTube channel.

Conference Program


10:00     Brittany Polat & Adam Piercey - Welcome & Introduction


10:15     Will Johncock - Caring for the Self by Caring for Others

10:45     Meredith Kunz - Compassionate Stoicism

11:15     Quick Shares 

Short presentations from Stoics in all walks of life who care for others in a personal or professional role. Areas of interest include the legal profession, prison work, parenting, teaching, mentoring, volunteering, and neurodiversity.

  • Andy Small - prison work 

  • David Press - neurodiversity

  • Kellys Rodriguez - community volunteering

  • Kevin Murphy - legal profession 

  • Leah Goldrick - parenting

  • Nona Maiorano - mentoring

  • Ryan Racine - teaching 


12:00     StoicDan - Guided Meditation

12:15     Kai Whiting - The Environment as a Circle of Concern

12:45     Paul Wilson - Stoic Self Care: Using Ancient Philosophy to Boost Your Wellbeing

1:30       Donald Robertson (Keynote) - Stoicism, Love, & Friendship

2:15       Brittany Polat & Adam Piercey - Closing